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Invite a Talent to Your Event
Invite a Talent to Your Event
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At AGNT, we provide organizers with the option to invite Talents to their events. In this article, we will explain what inviting a talent means "Book a Talent" and what options it allows you to select when inviting Talents.

What is Book a Talent?

Book a Talent is a feature on AGNT that allows organizers to send an offer to talents they want to book for their event. This feature is particularly useful when organizers already have specific talents in mind for their event and want to make sure they receive an offer from them. Inviting a talent to an event is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

When inviting a talent, whether you've created an event or not, simply click the "Request to Book" button, and the offer will be sent to the Talent. The Talent will then have the opportunity to review your offer and either accept or reject it.

What options does "Book a Talent" allow you to select?

When submitting an offer, organizers can enter an offer amount, offer expiration date and time, and a message to the Talent. Optionally, they can provide additional information with their offer, such as travel and hospitality if the offer covers that. Additionally, organizers can specify Artist Billing, which allows them to ask if the artist is the headliner for the event, co-headliner, supporting another artist, or specify a custom billing title.

Finally, organizers will select payment terms, which is basically the deposit percentage amount that the Talent will receive immediately after accepting the offer.

In conclusion, "Invite a Talent" is a useful feature for organizers who want to ensure that specific Talents receive an offer for their event. By selecting the Talent type, sub-genre, minimum rating, talent preferences, and additional requirements, organizers can customize their offer and attract the Talents that are right for their event. Once Talents are invited, they have the opportunity to either accept or reject the offer.

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