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What Are Talent Profiles
What Are Talent Profiles
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At AGNT, we believe that great talents deserve to shine. To make it easy for them, we have a unique mechanism that allows them to create Talent Profiles, which are online portfolios that showcase their talent, experience, and skills to event organizers around the world.

What are Talent Profiles?

Talent Profiles are online portfolios that allow talents to showcase their skills, capabilities, and experience to event organizers. This is different from your account, you are required to create a talent profile. Talent Profiles can contain a wide range of information, such as your stage name, artist type, genre, events you prefer to perform, profile picture, talent type, and bio. Additionally, you can also add samples of your work, such as videos, audio files, or photos, to showcase your talent.

Talent Profiles are the primary way for event organizers to discover talents on AGNT. When an event organizer is looking for a talent to perform at their event, they will browse through Talent Profiles to find the ones that match their requirements. You can have more than one Talent Profile to showcase your diverse skills and portfolios.

Additionally, you can be part of more than one Talent Profile (for example; a drummer can be part of more than one band sometimes). So creating a Talent Profile or being part of one implies that you are representing not only your talent but also your group, your band, your team and even your artist.

How do Talent Profiles help you get booked for gigs?

By creating a complete and up-to-date Talent Profile, you increase your chances of getting noticed by event organizers and getting booked for gigs. Here are a few ways Talent Profiles can help you get booked for gigs:

  1. Showcase your talent: Talent Profiles allow you to showcase your talent and experience to event organizers, giving them a better understanding of what you can bring to their event.

  2. Increase your visibility: By creating a complete Talent Profile and adding samples of your work, and adding serviceable locations, you increase your visibility on AGNT and make it easier for event organizers to discover you.

  3. Make a good first impression: A well-crafted Talent Profile can make a good first impression on event organizers and increase your chances of getting booked for gigs.

  4. Set your booking rates and availability: Talent Profiles allow you to set your booking rates and availability, making it easier for event organizers to understand your requirements and book you for their event.

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