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Searching and Getting More Opportunities
Searching and Getting More Opportunities
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As a talent on AGNT, finding more gig opportunities is key to growing your career and reputation. Here are some tips on how to adjust your settings and preferences to find more opportunities:

  1. Serviceable Location:

    Make sure your serviceable location is set to the areas where you're willing and able to perform. If you're willing to travel, consider expanding your serviceable location to include neighboring cities or even states. Don't forget to specify if you require travel fee in addition to the minimum rate you have on your talent profile.

  2. Talent Profile:

    Your Talent Profile is your online portfolio that showcases your talent, experience, and skills to event organizers. When you create talent profiles, make sure to create a complete and up-to-date talent profile that accurately reflects your talents and skills.

  3. Talent Type and Sub-Type:

    Set your Talent Type and Sub-Type in your Talent Profile to ensure that the opportunities presented to you match your skills and preferences. This helps us filter out opportunities that don't match your talents and you are only seeing what you prefer.

  4. Preferred Event Types:

    Indicate your preferred event types, such as concerts, festivals, or corporate events, or others in your Talent Profile. This helps AGNT match you with events that align with your preferences.

  5. Bidding on Opportunities:

    Keep an eye on the "Opportunities" section of AGNT, where you'll find a list of all available opportunities posted by event organizers around the world. If you find an opportunity that matches your skills and preferences, place a competitive bid that aligns with your rate and budget.

By adjusting your settings and preferences on AGNT against your talent profile(s), you can increase your chances of finding more gig opportunities that match your skills, preferences, and types.

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