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Organizer and Talent Communication on AGNT
Organizer and Talent Communication on AGNT
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  1. Initiate Conversations Early: Once a booking is considered or confirmed, we encourage both parties to initiate communication as early as possible. This helps in understanding expectations and requirements clearly from the start.

  2. Use AGNT’s Messaging Platform: For security and convenience, all communications between organizers and talents should take place through AGNT’s built-in messaging platform. This ensures that all interactions related to commitments are easily accessible.

  3. Discuss Event Details Thoroughly: Organizers should provide detailed information about the event, including the venue, audience, event schedule, and specific expectations. Talents should clearly communicate their expectations and requirements, such as equipment needs, performance space, and logistical details.

  4. Be Responsive: Prompt responses to messages are crucial. Both organizers and talents should aim to reply to inquiries and messages in a timely manner to maintain a smooth planning process.

  5. Handle Changes and Updates Professionally: If there are any changes to the event or performance, it’s important to communicate these changes immediately.

  6. Resolve Issues Calmly: If any issues arise, address them calmly and professionally through the messaging platform. If needed, AGNT’s support team can be involved to assist in resolving disputes or misunderstandings.

  7. Post-Event Feedback: After the event, both organizers and talents are encouraged to leave feedback. This not only helps in building each other’s profiles but also enhances the overall AGNT community experience.

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