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How to Dispute as an Organizer on AGNT
How to Dispute as an Organizer on AGNT
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At AGNT, we understand that disputes may arise between organizers and talent, and we want to ensure that they are resolved in a fair and timely manner. This article outlines the process for initiating a dispute as an organizer on AGNT.

Step 1: Contact Support

If you encounter an issue with a talent, the first step is to submit a Contact form on the Support page of AGNT. In the form, select "Dispute" as the reason for your contact. Be sure to provide complete details of the dispute and upload any necessary documents.

Step 2: Wait for a Response

Upon receiving your dispute form, a ticket is created and assigned to the dispute assistance team. The talent user will be given 5 business days to respond and must state whether they would like to continue with the dispute, refund, or resolve the issue with the Organizer. If the talent fails to respond, AGNT policy will apply, which may include charging their account (if there is any balance), de-listing their profile and may also result in cancelling Bookings.

Step 3: Dispute Facilitation Service

If the dispute is unresolved, or both parties wish to proceed with the dispute, a Dispute consent form is required by both parties to be filled out. Once this signed consent form is received by both parties, a dispute facilitation call will be arranged by AGNT. The purpose of the assistance is to bring both parties to the table and lead them to an agreement for resolution.

Step One: A call will be scheduled where both parties will be given 5 minutes each to present their case, and the Dispute facilitator from AGNT will take notes without any disclosure. After the presentations, the facilitator will ask mediation questions to try to resolve the dispute. Successful agreement by both parties will be made official with an email confirmation.

Step Two: If the dispute cannot be resolved, the facilitator will ask both parties if they'd like AGNT's Dispute Facilitation Team to state a ruling on the dispute or if they'd like to proceed with hiring an online mediator for a fee, paid by both parties.

Step Three: If parties agree that they will accept AGNT's which is notified after reviewing all the notes by the dispute facilitator, all communication on the subjected dispute, system events, may also include profile and account information. This notification is issued within 2 business days and the ruling is final.

Step 4: Arbitration

If both parties expressed interest in pursuing Arbitration or AGNT's dispute ruling is not accepted by either party, then AGNT will suggest both parties that the dispute will proceed to arbitration. AGNT will not be part of the arbitration process and both parties will need an MOU signed with an arbitration service ADR.Org charges a service fee which AGNT facilitates in collecting from both parties which goes directly to The arbitration service will be provided by AGNT all information, communication, exchanges, events to make a ruling. This ruling shall be final.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to initiate a dispute as an organizer on AGNT. Our team is committed to ensuring that all disputes are handled fairly and efficiently, and we appreciate your cooperation throughout the process. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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