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Feedback and Reviews for Talents
Feedback and Reviews for Talents
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As an organizer on AGNT, providing feedback to talents after they have fulfilled their booking commitment can have a significant impact on the AGNT community. It not only helps the talent to improve their performance and customer service, but it also contributes to building a better platform for everyone.

When giving feedback, be positive and constructive in your comments. Highlight what the talent did well and what you appreciated the most. This feedback will go public on talent profiles so you and the talent both need to look great.

Please be aware that all feedback and ratings submitted are considered final. Once posted, they cannot be updated or removed. We encourage you to be thoughtful and fair in your evaluations, as they have a lasting impact. If you believe you have made an error in your feedback or if there are extenuating circumstances that need to be considered, please contact our support team for assistance.

In return, talents are given the opportunity to write you a feedback and rate you as an organizer. By being professional, prompt, and communicative, you can help to build a better AGNT community and establish a positive reputation for yourself.

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