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Managing Multiple Events
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As an organizer, you understand the importance of keeping your events and bookings organized. That's why AGNT is the perfect platform for you to manage all your events and bookings seamlessly.

One of the best features of AGNT is that you can manage multiple events and bookings all in one place. With AGNT platform, you can easily keep track of your upcoming events, view your bookings, and communicate with talents all from the same dashboard.

Whether you're managing a single event or multiple events, AGNT makes it easy to stay organized. You can create events after events and view all of your upcoming events and bookings in one place under events tab, which makes it simple to keep track of everything. When you tap on an Event card under Bookings tab, you'll find all your bookings and bids.

In addition, AGNT offers a variety of tools and features that can help you manage your events and bookings more efficiently. You can send messages to talents, view their profiles, and manage payments all from within the platform.

AGNT also helps you remind important actions you need to take for your event, even your event date.

With AGNT, you can easily stay organized, communicate with talents, and manage your finances all from one place. Manage all your events and bookings on AGNT and let us be of any assistance and help you need.

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