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Booking and Payment Statuses
Booking and Payment Statuses
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Booking Deadlines:

Payments for bookings on AGNT are due upon confirmation of the booking request. Full payment is required before the event takes place to guarantee the talent's attendance and performance.

Booking Statuses:

  • Pending: The booking request has been submitted and is awaiting the talent's response. They have up to 72 hours to accept, decline, or suggest changes to the booking request.

  • Confirmed: The talent has accepted the booking request, and deposit payment is required from the organizer. The booking will be finalized once full payment is received.

  • Paid: The organizer has made full payment, and the booking is secured. Both the organizer and talent should continue to communicate as needed to ensure a successful event.

  • Completed: The event has taken place, and both parties have fulfilled their obligations. The system will assume a completed booking past event date and time if no problem is reported before event start time. The organizer can now rate and review the talent's performance on the AGNT platform.

  • Canceled: The booking has been canceled by either the talent or the organizer. Refer to our cancellation policy for details on refunds or credits.

Invoices and Invoice States:

Invoices -

Deposit and Balance invoices are generated as part of the payment terms outlined in the booking request. Usually it is 25% if the booking is made 28 days ahead of event start time and 100% if the event start time is less than 7 days to go. The amounts and due dates for these payments are specified in the Booking terms. In the event that an invoice is not paid by the specified due time, it will be considered “Overdue.” Overdue invoices will result in the cancellation of the Booking, and therefore, prompt payment is essential to secure the Booking. It's important to note that if a Booking is partially paid and the remaining amount becomes Overdue, this may also result in the eventual cancellation of the Booking. Additionally, depending on the Talent's cancellation policy, cancellation fees may apply in the event of a cancellation.

Invoice States:

  • Unpaid: An invoice that has not been paid by the Organizer.

  • Overdue: An invoice that is not paid by a specified due date by the Organizer.

  • Payment Processing: An invoice payment that is being processed by the payment processing provider selected by the Organizer.

  • Paid: An invoice payment that has been successfully made by the Organizer.

  • Refund in Progress: A refund for a paid invoice that is being processed by the payment processing provider selected by the organizer.

  • Refunded: A paid invoice that has been successfully refunded back to the Organizer.

  • Refund Failed: A refund for a paid invoice that was unsuccessful.

  • Void: An invoice that is null and no longer valid at the behest of the Talent.

  • Cancelled: An invoice is cancelled and no longer valid due to a booking cancellation made by either the Organizer or Talent.

  • Delinquent: An invoice is delinquent and no longer valid due to an automated cancellation for an unpaid invoice by the Organizer.

    Conclusion: Booking talent through AGNT is a straightforward process designed to create a seamless experience for both organizers and talent. By understanding the steps involved, payment deadlines, and booking statuses, you'll be well on your way to organizing a successful event. If you need further assistance or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team. Happy booking!

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