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What Wins You More Gigs
What Wins You More Gigs
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It's important to carefully review the event details and submit a bid that meets both the organizer's requirements and your own needs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making a Bid to Perform request and get yourself bid accepted:

  • Be realistic: When submitting a bid, make sure that it will cover your expenses and that you can meet their requirements.

  • Be professional: Make sure to include all relevant information in your bid, including your experience, skills, and any additional requirements.

  • Be responsive: Once you submit a bid, be available and responsive to the organizer's communications to ensure a smooth and a quicker booking process.

  • Be flexible: While it's important to stay within your own requirements, it's also important to be flexible and accommodating to the organizer's needs and preferences.

  • Know your Competitors: It is vital to understand the expectations because another talent may out-bid you. It is also possible that another talent may be a better match allowing that talent to submit a higher bid amount. Knowing the expectation and knowing your competitors is one of the most important factor for increasing chances of your bid being accepted.

  • Ask Questions: Asking questions after you've submitted a bid to perform request establishes that you are very interested in performing for the organizers event. It also helps the organizer to address any concerns and establish an understanding.

By following these tips and submitting professional, realistic bids, you can increase your chances of booking new gigs and showcasing your skills to a wider audience.

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