Talent Verification
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AGNT takes pride in maintaining a high standard of talent and professionalism on our platform. As part of our commitment to ensuring the quality of our talent, we have a rigorous verification process that all talents must complete in order to be listed on our platform.

When a talent signs up on AGNT, they are required to provide us with detailed information about their professional background, experience, and skills. This includes their contact information, a biography, photos, videos and audio recordings of their work.

Once this information has been submitted, our team of talent profile verification specialists carefully reviews and evaluates each talent's profile to ensure that they meet our strict standards. This includes verifying their identity, professional experience, skills, and any other relevant details provided.

In addition, AGNT performs ongoing checks to ensure that the talent continues to meet our standards. This could also include monitoring their performance and professionalism at events, and taking appropriate action if any issues arise.

Our talent verification process is designed to provide our clients with peace of mind and ensure that they are working with the best and most professional talents in the industry. By verifying our talents and their profiles, we can guarantee that our clients will receive top-quality services and exceptional performances at their events.

So you can be assured that every talent on AGNT has gone through a rigorous verification process to ensure their authenticity and professionalism.

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