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How to Charge for Equipment / Technical Riders
How to Charge for Equipment / Technical Riders
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If you have equipment that you can rent out to the organizer for an event which could include sound equipment, lighting equipment, or any other technical equipment or other items, this is your technical rider.

Here are the steps to follow to charge for technical rider as a talent:

  1. Update your talent profile

    Make sure your talent profile is up to date with all the equipment you have available for rental and your technical rider requirements.

  2. Discuss equipment rental costs with the organizer

    When you receive a booking request from an organizer, discuss the equipment rental costs associated with the booking. You can negotiate the rate for the equipment rental and include it in your overall fee.

  3. Send a negotiated rate

    Once you have agreed on the equipment rental rate with the organizer, you can send them a negotiated rate to include the equipment rental and your Booking fee.

  4. Include technical rider in the contract

    If you have specific technical requirements for your performance, make sure to include them in the contract with the organizer. This ensures that the organizer is aware of your technical needs and can make the necessary arrangements for your performance.

Remember, it's important to be clear and transparent about any equipment rental costs and technical rider requirements with the organizer. This ensures a smooth and successful performance for both parties.

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